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Limited edition photographic print of Martin ‘Silky’ Afrika

Martin ‘Silky’ Afrika

Loop Street, Prince Albert, Western Cape, South Africa 2010/04/12 19:34

‘Inspiration – you just have to let your mind go and your hands do the work. My inspiration, that’s what it’s all about. If you have no inspiration, you’ll get nowhere in life. I thought far, and I thought deep, and I tried, and I got it right. I’ve made two of these bicycles – tall ones. I just took a frame and turned it around – it’s not two bicycles on top of each other – I turned it over and cut loose where I had to, and attached tubes where I needed to, and that is how I made a tall bicycle. I’m a guy who likes fun, and I like being funny. That’s how I am and that’s how I’ll stay. That’s why I’m called “Silky” – I’m smooth. But it’s not just about the girls, I do have a wife! I’m just missing her here next to me...’