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Limited edition photographic print of Kleinbooi Tonies

Kleinbooi Tonies

New Location, Hofmeyr, Eastern Cape, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 13 18:14

Sjoo, I’ve had this bike for four years now already. I ride it every morning, every night. To farms, anywhere, any place, wherever. On the back here I have a bag of fruit - apricots. I just picked them up from where I work - they were for the pigs. And on the front here, my pliers. And my pump. Tools for the bicycle. All I need. This bicycle means many things for me, so I can say, I like him. I call him Tomzanele - it means “the last servant girls”. It is also my daughter’s name. I have just one gear, but it rides very badly. The gear is too light so you can’t go very fast. I tried to put the chain on the big chairing up front but it jumps off, it’s not in a straight line. But I can fix a bike with just pliers. Like when I picked this frame up in the rubbish and I built it up. I was just short on tires...’