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Limited edition photographic print of Esau Ngwenya

Esau Ngwenya

Eeufees Street, Bethal, Mpumalanga, South Africa 2011/07/10 17:46

‘My older brother gave me this bicycle about three years ago after someone stole my old black dikwiel. He had this bicycle for many, many years. He’s 54 now. I like these old dikwiel bicycles – they last, not like these racers that break so easily. After they stole my old bicycle I started locking it here outside this hairdresser every day while I’m at work. I didn’t ask them to watch it, but I know that they can see it out of their window and no thieves will try and steal it. I leave my home at 6am and cycle here, where they fetch me at 6.30am to take me to the farm where I work in the workshop. I get dropped here again in the evening. I was born here in Bethal 42 years ago. I have two sons and two daughters – all still at school. At the moment I’m fixing up my house, but I hope to buy a car one day. Then I will pass this bicycle on to my eldest son. My wife can ride a bit, but she is scared!’