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Limited edition photographic print of William Jaar



William Jaar

Rainbow City Street, Port Nolloth, Northern Cape, South Africa 2011/04/11 12:34

‘I bought this bicycle from a guy who sells them. At least I got it for
a good price. I’m a fisherman, you know, so I gave him some money and the rest I made up in fish – that was our deal. I like riding. I taught myself how to ride when I was young: first you fall a few times and then you start getting it right. Nowadays I’m so used to riding, I’ve completely forgotten that I ever fell! But the bike has to be right. I don’t like to ride a bicycle without brakes, it’s unsafe. I just ride around here, say, to the graveyard or to McDougalls Bay. Sometimes I put some music on, on my phone, and put my headphones on and just ride around listening to music, maybe Michael Jackson. But being a fisherman is tough. We struggle to catch enough fish. Port Nolloth is a difficult place ... the wind howls one day and then it’s fiery hot, that’s how it goes. It’s a back-to-front place.’