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Limited edition photographic print of Peter John Heneke



Peter John Heneke

N2, outside Heidelberg, Gauteng, South Africa 2011/07/17 17:25

‘My father found this bicycle in Kensington. Apparently his aunt’s children weren’t interested in it any more, and it was just lying there, getting ruined. So he asked if he could have it and he ended up bringing it home. We checked it out to see what it would take to get it working properly. I bought parts for it and we got it rolling again. Initially we just rode it around the house – just for fun. But after a while I started riding it to work, to church and to go shopping. But after a while I started thinking that it doesn’t look that attractive to me as a young man, so I decided to decorate it a bit. I got this white insulation tape – that is where my mags come from – and the yellow stripes to make me more visible as a road user. They’ve been making changes to this national road but they haven’t made it easier to ride a bicycle along it. But we push through the dangers. This bike means so very much to me, I’m very pleased with it and very proud of it – through thick and thin, through storms and quiet days... You know, this is an imported frame, it’s originally from England. Ja, dankie.’