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Limited edition photographic print of Hlez Dube



Hlez Dube

Samuel Street, Lethabong, Tembisa, Gauteng, South Africa 2011/06/26 12:49

‘I have just bought this bicycle from my boss. I enjoy cycling very much. What I like about this bicycle is that it is sporty, it’s a racer. I don’t cycle for a club; I just cycle on my own, for personal things, transport and local trips. Life in Tembisa is good for someone who knows what he wants. And as long as you have work and can afford the principal things in life, everything is fine. But if you don’t have a job, everything can turn sour. Ja. The guys behind me here do sewing – that’s how they earn a living. When people need some alterations or repairs they come here. At the moment I’m not permanently employed, but I’m a qualified plumber, I can do electricity, I can do tiling, most of the things in construction – bricklaying, plastering, paving and things like that.’