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Limited edition photographic print of Edward Paulus



Edward Paulus

Phillip Souden Street, Springbok, Northern Cape, South Africa 2011/04/11 09:06

‘I used to have a BMX. Then I sold it, and I bought this bicycle from an old guy and built it up myself. I made this rack on the back here, and I raised my children on this rack – one is nine and the other almost two. I used to tie a crate onto the rack and that is where they used to sit. I took them shopping with me and they always came with me to the location. Poles, cement, firewood – I can bring anything home with this bicycle. I ride to Concordia, Okiep, Nababeep. I’ve even ridden to Pella with it – I left here in the morning at 6am and I got down there at 10am, and visited there for a while. On the way back I also left at 6am, but I only got back here at 11am – I had to rest a bit along the way. On the bike I had my clothes, food and water. I had my hat on my head for the sun. You see my back wheel? I’ve had to repair it with wire. The tyre has a tear, so I’ve wrapped wire around it to keep the tube from coming out. But I ride the bike!’